RP902 Bluetooth UHF RFID Pocket Reader │ Unitech

RP902 MFi / RP902 (2nd Gen)

Bluetooth UHF RFID Pocket Reader

Support iOS, Android, and Windows OS |Support iOS utility and SDK|27dBm Power with 2M read range

The RP902 is a compact, lightweight, and durable UHF RFID reader, designed to enhance scanning efficiency for a broad spectrum of tasks. Featuring an advanced multi-read function, it can simultaneously process data from multiple tags, significantly boosting productivity. Certified by MFi (Made for iPhone/iPad) and compatible with Android and Windows, the RP902 provides seamless integration across both platforms, making it an ideal solution for inventory checks, cycle counting, asset management, and more. Its superior performance and support for the major mobile operating systems make it a versatile choice for businesses aiming to optimize their operations.

  • Pocket Size


  • 1.2 m

  • Bluetooth

  • Retail

  • Logistics

  • Field Service

  • Healthcare

  • MFi Program

  • GTIN