Meter Checking

 Durable Design for Outdoor Environment  

Field Services are generally time-consuming, but the Unitech mobile computer can help you save time. The devices are designed for field service applications, such as meter reading and facilities maintenance, which is able to help workers read/transmit date in a short time via wireless connectivity, and serve customers with the fastest updated information.

The handheld terminal is rugged and durable (IP67 rated and 1.8m drop threshold form factor) so it can be used in harsh environments. Versatile and compact for field applications, the terminal also features a large outdoor-use color LCD touch screen for improved visibility.

Mobile ticketing, or eTicketing, is a useful tool for concerts, live theatre, movie theaters, museums, seminars, special events, and conferences. Unitech offers a diverse line-up of efficient and affordably-priced barcode 

Why Unitech products for Water Meter Inspection



Mobile computers provide a durable design including drop-resistant housing and  IP rating protection against water and dust. 


Sunlight readable

Better sunlight viewability and operation with wet resistance and glove


Multiple Connectivity

Support WLAN: WIFI & WWAN: 2G/3G/4G LTE for best connectivity

Empowering your business with our solution

We provide the best value to customer in AIDC industry

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