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Many government agencies must effectively track assets. These include manuals and books, IT devices such as computers, and even people.

Unitech hardware can capture key asset information such as location, user, and condition, tracking the asset as it moves throughout departments or agencies.

Libraries use our solutions to scan library cards and check library materials such as books and movies in and out. Our contact scanners are priced competitively and deliver the straightforward performance required for data collection in a school or university library.

A school’s front office may require school ID verification for tracking student movement. It can help with attendance and processing student requests. Our magnetic stripe readers can be mounted on many surfaces for quick card reading.

Government agencies and offices can benefit from a document tracking system. Unitech barcode scanners can help provide the infrastructure necessary to quickly catalog and locate important documents. Tracking reports and records lead to better decision-making and the proper allocation of resources.

Applications: Check in/Check out, Asset Tracking, ID Scanning, Inventory, Document tracking, File Management

Why Unitech products for Education


Asset Tracking

Unitech hardware can capture key asset information, tracking the asset as it moves throughout departments or agencies.


ID Verification

Rugged computers and tablets allow school workers to track student movement with barcode scanning. 


High Efficiency 

The mobile devices are excellent tools to significantly improve efficiency

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