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2021-02-26 Product News

Introducing the HT730 Handheld Terminal


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Purpose-Built Scanners for Warehousing and Beyond


Step into the 21st century of warehousing efficiency with the Unitech HT730 handheld terminal. A device refresh for data collection hardware benefits companies looking to increase work productivity and reduce errors. Outdated operating systems are less reliable and susceptible to hardware or software failure. For order picking and inventory verticals, a new device that replaces old systems, especially those that run on DOS, is a needed to change to facilitate data tasks.


The HT730 is equipped to handle all of your data collection needs with best-in-class features to streamline your tasks. An Android 10 OS with GMS certification offers access to Google’s latest applications for productivity and optimal performance while a Qualcomm 2.2GHz 720G Octa-Core processor improves device performance and battery life. This device is ideal for warehousing or transportation and logistics environment because of its ergonomic one-handed operation, easy-press physical keypad, and full touch screen. A rugged 6-foot drop spec protects the device from falls to hard surfaces and an IP65/IP67 environmental seal keeps irritants like dust and water from damaging the inside.


Key Features:


Android 10 OS + GMS

  • 2D Scanning with 30-degree Tilt Scanning + Artificial Intelligence

  • True Hot Swap Battery with No Down Time

  • 29/38-key Keypad + Full Touch Screen

  • 6-foot Drop Spec and IP65/IP67 Rated

  • Ergonomic One-handed Operation


Ask a Unitech representative for a demo unit today or check out our HT730 product page for more information.

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