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Many government agencies must effectively track assets. These include manuals and books, IT devices such as computers, and even people. Unitech hardware can capture key asset information such as location, user, and condition, tracking the asset as it moves throughout departments or agencies.

Libraries use our solutions to scan library cards and check library materials such as books and movies in and out. Our contact scanners are priced competitively and deliver the straightforward performance required for data collection in a school or university library.

A school’s front office may require school ID verification for tracking student movement. It can help with attendance and processing student requests. Our magnetic stripe readers can be mounted on many surfaces for quick card reading.

Government agencies and offices can benefit from a document tracking system. Unitech barcode scanners can help provide the infrastructure necessary to quickly catalog and locate important documents. Tracking reports and records lead to better decision-making and the proper allocation of resources.

Applications: Check in/Check out, Asset Tracking, ID Scanning, Inventory, Document tracking, File Management

Why Unitech products for Education


Asset Tracking

Unitech hardware can capture key asset information, tracking the asset as it moves throughout departments or agencies.


ID Verification

Rugged computers and tablets allow school workers to track student movement with barcode scanning. 


High Efficiency 

The mobile devices are excellent tools to significantly improve efficiency

Practical Application on Unitech Products





RM300  RFID Solution

The development of an RFID system in the library will significantly increase the data integration in real-time. It shortens the time between book return and checking out, and staff can identify locations of the shelf when reading multiple labels on the module, fastening the whole book circulation. The implementation of RFID labels not only solves the cumbersome routine work of staff but also minimizes the possibility of books being stolen.





2 Port / 4 Port

Antenna Connector

9 Meters Long

with 30 dBm Power


RFID Supported

900 Tags

per Seconds





MS912+ MS916  Pocket Scanner Solution



Unitech team discussed the pain points with the school representative and how to track the laptops under full supervision. LAUSE finally chose MS912+/MS916 because they were intuitive to operate through quick training, and the data could be integrated onto different platforms via Bluetooth. Another key factor was that Unitech could provide technical support that an Amazon seller could not offer. The manual processes are automated to make data collection more efficient and safer.





  • Bluetooth® 2.1

Major 1D 

up to 4 mil




Smartphone / Tablet  / Laptop





Case study

Pocket Scanner to Improve Asset Management

During COVID-19, to help students connect to virtual classes, LAUSD increased the availability of Chromebooks that they offered to students. This effort was a clever idea but required an upgrade to their asset tracking equipment to ensure all student Chromebooks were carefully tracked.


RM300 Smart Library

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology can turn the library process smarter and safer, efficiently managing the available collection in the library. Free the library staff to provide more direct service to your users.


Asset Tracking

Using BMI’s software bundled with Unitech’s mobile computers provides the customer with a simple way to accurately capture data and record assets. Using software not optimized for asset tracking can invite needless mistakes and cause more work. BMI and Unitech’s partnership has eliminated these hassles and streamlined the processes for many businesses.


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