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Accuracy at the polling booth is crucial for any democracy. On Election Day, it’s important to quickly identify voters and process ballots to keep lines moving. Avoid the chaos of busy voting hours by investing in quality data collection solutions.

Unitech solutions make check-in simple on Election Day. Voters can quickly scan their ID at a kiosk and proceed to the polls. Users can also use Unitech barcode scanners to register to vote on Election Day, speeding up a process that is typically done by hand while eliminating spelling errors.

Applications: Voter ID Verification, Ballot Processing, Voter Registration

Why Unitech products for Voting



Voters can quickly scan their ID at a kiosk and proceed to the polls quickly.


Voter ID Verification

Rugged computers and tablets allow workers to do ID verification with barcode scanning.


High Efficiency 

The mobile devices are excellent tools to significantly improve voting efficiency

Case study


Elections Canada contacted Compucon, an e-tailer and IT solutions provider, they then referred them to Synnex Canada, a large electronics distributor. Synnex recommended an efficient, low-cost Unitech scanner that worked perfectly for their needs. After receiving a test unit of the device, Elections Canada purchased 18,000 units of Unitech’s AS10; a light and durable 1D barcode scanner that is useful for a variety of applications.


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