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Gift Registry

Gift Registry

Our Bluetooth companion scanners make building gift registries a breeze.

Your customers simply walk around the store scanning the items they wish to add to their list. Our collection of companion scanners will allow direct pairing with a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Want to send scans straight to the front counter? Our Bluetooth companion scanners have ranges of up to 300 feet. You can also switch to Memory Mode and store scans on the device for later export

Why Unitech products for Gift Registry


Easy Paring

scanners will allow direct pairing with a smartphone, tablet, or computer


Enhance Customer Experience

An instant gift registry service enhances the overall customer experience.


Cloud Management

Our scanner is available to record the data and deliver to the cloud backend system. 

Case study

Stock Room Inventory

Louis Vuitton wanted to streamline their stock room checking process with a reliable and fast barcode scanner to check inventory in their retail stores. Without these devices, store associates needed to physically check stock in the back, taking them away from customers. This was time-consuming for the employee and could result in a potential sale loss if the customer grew tired of waiting and left.


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A quick transaction is crucial to the overall customer experience. If you’re ready to refresh your point-of-sale system, our affordable barcode scanners can help your team process purchases faster than ever before.


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