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Interactive Experience

Easily Access Real-Time Data to Streamline Processes

Our Bluetooth UHF RFID Pocket Reader makes a cutting-edge solution to deliver an exceptional interactive experience to customers.  

By combining the convenience of mobile devices with the advanced features of RFID technology, customers can enjoy a truly interactive experience and easily access real-time data and gain valuable information, leading to streamlined processes.

Why Unitech products for Interactive Experience


Easy Pairing

Via Bluetooth® 5.0, the portable reader is easily connected to your iOS mobile device at hand.


Enhance Customer Experience

An instant interactive experience enhances the overall customer experience.


High Efficiency

Our superior scanning solution is ready to scan any barcodes quickly with ease.

Practical Application on Unitech Products




RP902 MFi  RFID Solution


A well-known sports goods brand faced the challenge of enhancing the interactive experience of its distributors during their product launch event visits. To solve this problem, Unitech offered an UHF RFID reader, ensuring seamless compatibility with iOS platforms, and powerful RFID Software Development Kit (SDK), allowing distributors real-time gaining in-depth knowledge of the merchandise through the iOS devices. This solution enhances the interactive experience, improves process efficiency, and even significantly boosts the brand image.





Barcode & RFID 
Reading Solutions

MFi certified
Support iOS utility & SDK

Bluetooth® 5.0 
Easy Pairing 

Durable Design 





Case study

Real-time showcase products with Unitech RFID Pocket Reader

Unitech's RFID solutions enhance a real-time interactive experience by providing seamless compatibility with iOS devices at hand. The RP902 MFi allows customers instantly access to detailed information through UHF RFID tags and powerful RFID Software Development Kit (SDK), getting a rich and immersive experience, further optimize process efficiency.


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