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2024-04-15 Product News

Discover TagAccess Solution: GTIN Inventory Function


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Facing challenges with large-scale inventory management? Unlock the power of Unitech's #TagAccess with #GTINInventoryFunction. Utilizing advanced RFID technology, our system support decoding #SGTIN (GTIN with Sterilized Number), which tracks and records the quantity of products down to the lowest item level, ensuring accurate stock levels and streamline workflow in inventory management. Ideal for retail, warehousing, and logistics, it provides clear insights into inventory counts, enhancing operational efficiency.


Experience Unitech's GTIN Inventory Advantages:

✔Streamline Management: Effortlessly oversee large inventories

✔Instant Visibility: Gain real-time insight into your product inventory

✔Accuracy & Efficiency: Achieve precise tracking and save time


Empower your inventory management with accuracy and efficiency.


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