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GTIN: The Key to Streamlining Global Trade


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What is GTIN? 

A Global Trade Item Number, commonly known as GTIN, is a unique and internationally recognized identifier for products. Beyond being a mere string of numbers, it plays a pivotal role in product recognition in both retail and online environments. GTIN contributes to the efficient tracking of products, fostering global consistency and standardization.

Why is GTIN Valuable to Enterprises?

In today's retail environment, marked by the ever-growing adoption of RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) technology by retailers and e-commerce platforms, GTIN's importance is further amplified, enhancing product identification transparency and simplifying import and export processes.

The Benefits of GTIN:


1. Precision in product identification

GTIN plays a pivotal role by assigning a unique identity to each product, effectively eliminating any potential confusion in the identification process. This distinct identification provided by GTINs ensures precision and clarity in product recognition, contributing to a seamless and reliable system for businesses and consumers alike.

2. Empowering International Transactions with GTIN

Unlock the potential for international selling and exporting by leveraging the power of GTIN. These unique identifiers provide a streamlined and standardized approach, facilitating smoother transactions and enhancing the efficiency of cross-border commerce. GTINs play a crucial role in ensuring global compatibility and accessibility, making them an essential tool for businesses seeking to expand their reach in the international market.

3. Enhanced work efficiency through serial number statistics

In addition to reading the GTIN, it is also possible to perform statistical analyses of quantities based on the product's serial number. This capability significantly improves work efficiency by providing accurate and quick inventory assessments.


Unitech's Role in GTIN Management:


1. Rapid Reading

Leveraging Unitech's RFID solutions, we enable swift and accurate product counting, encompassing various variants. The integration of our TagAccess software ensures a rapid reading process, enhancing the efficiency of inventory management.

2. Reliable Authentication

Unitech prioritizes product consistency by employing multiple identification methods to cross-verify GTINs. This approach ensures reliable authentication, minimizing the risk of errors and discrepancies in product identification.

3. Precision Inventory

Businesses can achieve precision in inventory management with Unitech's tools. Our solutions empower organizations to maintain accurate and up-to-date inventory records, contributing to overall operational efficiency and ensuring a seamless workflow.


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