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2022-03-14 Product News

Introducing the HT730 UHF RFID Rugged Handheld Terminal


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The best-in-class RFID reader designed for the extended reading range up to 15 meters, our Unitech #HT730UHF offers data in real-time and facilitates better traceability of the product.





Ultra-powerful RFID Reader to Boost Efficiency


The best-in-class RFID reader is designed for the extended

reading range up to 15 meters, offering data in real-time and

facilitating better traceability of the product.

The highly-sensitive chip, IMPINJ R2000, can read multiple UHF tags simultaneously and further accelerate the entire shipping and goods validation process.






Continuous Work with Fast Read Rate


Driving up productivity with more tag reads per second,

HT730 UHF performs at least 750 reads to undertake

high-volume data on the site of a large distribution center.

It eliminates the manual work to check parcels on loading pallets and saves precious time to end-user delivery.

The 6700mAnh battery runs operation up a whole day to handle

a packed schedule and can be easily swapped to proceed 24/7 working.






Advanced Connectivity for Instant Feedback


The 4-inch display provides more readability to view instant

feedback while reading tags. The screen is easy to view indoors

and outside, even in bright sunlight. Either connected with

Bluetooth® 5.1 or a WIFI network, HT730 UHF allows users to quickly check misplaced or missing items on integrated Apps, such as TagAccess. It’s an easy-to-aim device that provides clear audible, tactile, and visual feedback on each read.




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