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2023-08-23 Product News

PA768 Battery Test: Unleash Your Day and Night Power!


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PA768 Battery Test: Unleash Your Day and Night Power!


Tired of your battery dying at the most inconvenient times?

Introducing the groundbreaking PA768 product, designed to completely transform your device experience! With up to 24 hours of unstoppable battery life, say goodbye to interruptions and hello to non-stop productivity. Moreover, its convenient hot-swap battery design offers a 60-second feature for seamless battery replacement, preserving your data and workflow.


Offering a range of accessory options – Standard and Extend batteries, the PA768 becomes the ultimate work partner, perfectly tailored to the demands of various industry applications.


The PA768's ExtendBattery (7700mAh) is meticulously designed for diverse applications across a wide range of industries. From retail to logistics, warehousing, and beyond, this powerhouse is engineered to grant you unparalleled flexibility and efficiency!


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