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2023-05-25 Product News

Step-by-step tutorial for installing the PA768 gun grip!


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Step-by-step tutorial for installing the PA768 gun grip!


We will show you how to install the PA768 gun grip, a custom accessory for PA768 mobile computer that adds functionality and convenience. Before watching the video, please familiarize yourself with the following steps:


✔  Remove the bracket arm and hand strap

✔ Take off the bottom bumper and pogo pin mylar

✔ Align the PA768 with the gun grip and securely insert


With a one-time preparation, follow three steps will help you install the PA768 gun grip , enhancing the convenience and ease of use for your mobile computer. Enjoy a seamless installation process and experience exceptional functionality with your mobile computer!


Watch the video below and follow the instructions to complete the installation!


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