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2023-09-04 Product News

RP200 New Product Introduction


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RP200|UHF RFID Mobile Reader

Easily Attached, Get RFID Solutions at your fingertips!

The RP200 features a user-friendly and ergonomic gun grip design, making it a breeze for users to attach the EA520 to the RP200 sled. It provides users with flexibility, portability, and an efficient scanning experience, thus streamlining workflows. Let's enjoy the convenience of RFID/UHF reading solutions with ease!


✔️ User-friendly operation with a sled enclosure​

✔️ Wirelessly connect with Bluetooth

✔️ Optional 1D and 2D scanning capabilities

✔️ Reading up to 6 meters away​

✔️ IP65 dustproof, waterproof and 1.5 meters resistant to fall protection



Discover more about RP200 → https://www.ute.com/en/products/detail/RP200

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