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2023-11-29 Case Study

E-Commerce Efficiency Boosted with Unitech Barcode Scanners


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Boost picking management speed and accuracy with Unitech Barcode Scanner and explore its advantages through the following case study!


A prominent e-commerce platform, with extensive operations in Southeast Asia, Taiwan, and Brazil, faced a significant challenge in managing large shipment volumes. To address this, Unitech provided the MS852B Bluetooth 2D Imager Scanner, ingeniously designed for both mobility and durability. This cutting-edge scanner significantly enhances order fulfillment efficiency in demanding picking management.


Elevate your picking process with Unitech Barcode Scanner and experience these benefits:

✔️ Unrestricted movement with wireless design

✔️ Easy-to-Use: Cradle with automatic Bluetooth® pairing

✔️ Support 1D/2D barcodes on mobile screens

✔️ Support RS232 cable: Seamless integration with picking systems

✔️ Extended battery life: Up to 20 hours

✔️ Durable design: IP42 waterproof & 2.1m drop protection



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