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2023-12-27 Case Study

Revolutionizing Aircraft Landing Gear Maintenance with Advanced RFID Technology


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Facing challenges in tracking repair progress and managing inventory in your expansive workshops?


Discover how Unitech transformed operations for a premier aircraft landing gear maintenance service provider in the Asia Pacific region. We've crafted a specialized solution to tackle these issues.


We offer an integrated RFID solution that includes the #RS804, a 4-port RFID UHF IoT Reader, strategically positioned RFID antennas, and RFID tags attached to items, all of which are further enhanced by advanced RFID utilities. This solution not only simplifies complex processes but also ushers in a new era of efficiency through its real-time tracking capabilities and streamlined management of extensive maintenance tasks.


Key benefits include:

✔️ Accurate Process Tracking: RFID enables precise monitoring and recording of maintenance items' processing time at different stations.

✔️ Efficient Progress Management: Streamlines the management of repair timelines and progress, reducing reliance on manual record-keeping.

✔️ Enhanced Location Identification: Facilitates easy and quick location of items in the vast workshop area.

✔️ Time-Saving in Item Retrieval: Significantly reduces the time spent searching for specific maintenance items, boosting overall operational efficiency.



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