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Streamlining Railway Operations with Unitech AEI RFID Solutions


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In the railway industry, where efficient tracking of railway vehicles is essential for smooth operations, Automatic Equipment Identification (AEI) systems using RFID technology have become increasingly important. However, the lack of RFID readers that readily support AEI tags, often requiring additional licensing, poses a challenge for widespread adoption. The Unitech RP200 RFID reader addresses this challenge, offering seamless compatibility with AEI tags without the need for extra licensing.


What Is AEI


AEI is a technology that leverages RFID tags to automatically identify and track railway vehicles. These tags, affixed to railway assets like locomotives, cars, and other equipment, contain unique identification information that is captured by RFID readers strategically positioned along the railway network. This real-time data collection provides valuable insights into each unit's location, movement, and condition, ultimately enhancing the efficiency of railway operations.


What Are the Benefits of AEI for Enterprises?


AEI offers a wide range of benefits for various industries involved in railway operations. Key advantages include:


1. Real-Time Vehicle Visibility

Track the location and status of railway transportation in real-time for improved decision-making and resource allocation.

2. Streamlined Operations

Automate data collection, reduce manual processes, and minimize errors for increased efficiency in railway transportation.

3. Cost Reduction

Experience significant cost savings through improved efficiency and optimized vehicle management in railway transportation.



Unitech AEI RFID Solutions with RP200


Unitech understands the challenges faced by railway operators in implementing AEI systems. Our RP200 RFID reader is designed to simplify the process and deliver exceptional value:


1. Seamless AEI Tag Compatibility

Unlike many RFID readers that require additional licensing for AEI tag support, the RP200 is ready to read AEI tags right off the bat.

2. Flexible Protocol Support

Easily switch between the AEI ATA protocol and the EPC Class 1 Gen 2 protocol using Unitech's user-friendly utility, providing flexibility for various RFID applications.

3. Cost-Effective Solution

The RP200's versatility eliminates the need for multiple readers, saving you money and simplifying your infrastructure.



The Unitech RP200 RFID reader is the key to unlocking AEI technology’s full potential. By offering seamless AEI tag compatibility, flexible protocol support, and a cost-effective solution, we empower railway operators to streamline their operations and achieve significant cost savings.


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