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Optimizing Augmented Reality Apps with Unitech’s Hardware


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What is ARCore

ARCore, a software development toolkit from Google, streamlines the creation of augmented reality (AR) applications for Android. It allows developers to effortlessly integrate virtual content with the real world as captured by the camera of an Android smartphone or tablet, providing an immersive AR experience to users.


Why do we need ARCore?

ARCore paves the way for swift entry into AR app development with its comprehensive suite of ready-to-use APIs. These tools enable the development of applications capable of precise position tracking, environmental understanding through wall and ground detection, and depth map generation. This facilitates the creation of scenes where virtual objects can cast realistic shadows in the real world. Google further supports developers with a variety of sample applications and source codes, helping them gain a deeper understanding of ARCore.

The Advantage of using ARCore on Unitech devices:


1. Google ARCore Certification

Unitech devices have received official certification from Google, signifying their high standard of augmented reality capability.

2. Strict Compliance for High-Quality Certification

To achieve certification, these devices satisfy rigorous requirements, including:

● High-Quality Camera: Crucial for capturing detailed real-world visuals.

● Advanced Motion Sensors: Important for precise tracking and interaction in AR settings.

● Powerful CPU: Essential for the smooth and efficient running of complex AR applications.


3. Optimal Compatibility and Performance

The certification ensures Unitech devices provide the best possible experience for running AR apps, with seamless integration and interaction.


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