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2023-03-07 Knowledge Center

Why is Mobile Computer with Barcode Engine A Cut Above Smartphone with Camera?


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While smartphones with cameras can read barcodes using specialized apps, mobile computers with barcode engines have several advantages:   

1. More Reliable
With a specialized scanning system, barcode engines can read barcodes in challenging environments, such as in bright sunlight or in dusty or wet conditions. They are not affected by light, which can interfere with camera-based barcode scanning.

2. Support a Wide Variety of Barcode Formats


DPM Code

Direct Part Marking (DPM) codes are used in the manufacturing industry to mark components with permanent identification. Barcode engines are designed to read DPM codes that may be  difficult or impossible to read with camera-based scanning.


High-density QR Code

Barcode engines can read very small barcode symbols, such as barcodes with 5-mil or even 3-mil resolution, making them ideal for applications where space is limited, such as in the manufacturing or healthcare industry.


3. Support Long-range Barcode Reading
Flex-range barcode engines has reading distance of up to 10 or 20 meters, which is useful in warehouse or logistic applications.


4. More Accuracy
Featuring a picklist function, it can quickly and accurately detect the required barcode from a pool of multiple barcodes, streamlining your scanning process and reducing errors.


5. Extremely Durable
Mobile computer can withstand rough handling and harsh environments, providing long-lasting performance.



While smartphones with cameras can get the job done for simple barcode scanning tasks, they lack the specialized capabilities required for demanding industries like inventory management or order picking. That's where our mobile computer with barcode engine comes in - offering superior performance and efficiency, making it the preferred choice for professionals.


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