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2023-12-08 Knowledge Center

Glove Mode: Enhancing Touchscreen Usability in All Environments


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Experience the ultimate convenience with Glove Mode – your solution to the age-old struggle of using touchscreens with gloves. Ideal for professionals and anyone needing gloves for their activities, Glove Mode ensures seamless interaction with your devices. This is where "Glove Mode" comes into play, a technological advancement designed to address this very issue.

What is Glove Mode? 

Glove Mode is a feature in touchscreen devices that enhances their sensitivity, allowing them to be used effectively even when the user is wearing gloves (thickness ≤ 4mm, depending on different model). This mode adjusts the touchscreen’s sensitivity to detect and respond to the touch through gloves, which traditional screens often fail to recognize.

Why do we need Glove Mode?

The necessity for Glove Mode arises from the limited responsiveness of traditional touchscreens when used with gloves. In many work environments, especially those that require safety measures or in extremely cold weather, gloves are non-negotiable. The lack of interaction between gloved fingers and touchscreens can hinder operational efficiency, making Glove Mode not just a convenience but a necessity.

What are the Benefits of Glove Mode?


1. Boosted Productivity

Glove Mode ensures seamless interaction with touchscreens, thereby enhancing operational efficiency. Workers no longer need to remove their gloves to use their devices, saving time and maintaining workflow continuity.

2. Versatile Usability

This feature adapts to diverse work environments, whether indoors or outdoors, ensuring reliable touchscreen interaction in any setting.

3. User-Friendly Convenience

It prioritizes user comfort by facilitating easy touchscreen use with gloves. This convenience is crucial in environments where gloves are worn continuously.


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