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The Power of IP67 & IP68: Ensuring Resilience in Mobile Computer


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Ever wondered how some mobile devices excel in harsh conditions? The magic lies in the IP67 and IP68 protection ratings! These ratings are crucial in sectors like construction, agriculture, and outdoor services where battling dust and moisture is a daily affair. Devices certified with IP67 and IP68 standards assure reliable performance and durability, even amidst challenging environments, making business operations a breeze!

What are IP67 & IP68? 

IP67 & IP68 ratings ensure consistent operations and data integrity, even in extreme conditions. To illustrate, for a device to be rated IP67, it must prevent dust ingress in an 8-hour test and endure submersion in water up to 1-meter-deep for 30 minutes. Conversely, an IP68 rating necessitates that a device withstands submersion in water at a depth of 1 meter for 1 hour.


Comparison between IP67 and IP68


Dustproof Rating

Waterproof Rating


No ingress of dust and full protection against contact.

Immersion at a depth of 1 meter for up to 30 minutes.


No ingress of dust and full protection against contact. Immersion at a depth over 1 meter for up to 1 hour.


Why are IP67 & IP68 Essential for Mobile Computers in Enterprises?

In the corporate landscape, the reliability and consistent performance of mobile computers are critical determinants of operational success. Especially for outdoor utility devices used in high precipitation areas, weather resilience is not just an added advantage but an essential requirement. These mobile computers, backed by specific ratings, guarantee data integrity and smooth operations, even under the harshest weather conditions.

The Key Benefits of IP67 & IP68 include:


1. Robust Dust Protection

A dependable barrier against the intrusion of dust and airborne particles, safeguarding the device's lifespan and maintaining steady functionality.

2. Water Resistance

Whether faced with unexpected rainfall or an unintended plunge into a puddle, devices carrying these ratings offer assurance against damages from water, enduring submersion of up to one meter deep.


Enjoy heavy-duty protection with Unitech Mobile Computers!


IP67 -



Rugged Smartphone


Rugged Smartphone


10.1 Inch Android Rugged Tablet



4-inch Rugged Handheld Terminal


4-inch Rugged Handheld Terminal


3.1-inch Wearable Computer


IP68 -



5G Rugged Mobile Computer