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2023-08-25 Knowledge Center

Middle Range Engine: A Flexible and Efficient Barcode Scanning Solution


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What is Middle Range Engine?

Middle Range Engine boasts a remarkable feature that sets it apart from conventional engines: a maximum reading distance that can extend up to 5-10 meters. This bridges the gap between conventional short-range engines and their long-range counterparts, eliminating the need for multiple devices or complex switching mechanisms.

Why is Middle Range Engine Essential?

Conventional barcode engines often exhibit limitations in their range of operation. These engines require the barcode to be positioned closely for accurate data collection, resulting in longer scanning times and operational inefficiencies, particularly for distant or small barcodes. While Long Range engines extend reach, they compromise close-range performance and have higher costs, limiting their versatility.

The Key Benefits of Middle Range Engine include:


1. Versatile Scanning Capability

The maximum reading distance can reach up to 5-10 meters, while still maintaining good performance for close-range barcodes. It seamlessly transitions between close-range and long-range, enhancing work efficiency and reducing the need for device switching.


2. Cost-Effective Solution

In comparison to the higher-priced Long Range engines, the Middle Range Engine offers a cost-effective alternative.


3. Superior Performance

In specific cases, the Middle Range Engine can be more efficient than a camera for barcode reading. Ambient light can affect camera accuracy, while the Middle Range Engine's physical attributes enable better performance when scanning damaged barcodes.


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