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Secure Your Business Assets with Unitech MoboLink Backup Management


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What is MoboLink Backup Management? 

MoboLink Backup Management, a comprehensive tool within Unitech's MoboLink software suite, simplifies the secure and efficient transfer of files between devices and a central server, or even directly between multiple devices. It offers businesses a robust solution for backing up, restoring, managing, and transferring critical data, ensuring both business continuity and data protection.


Why Is MoboLink Backup Management Essential?

Data loss can be catastrophic for businesses. Whether due to hardware failure, accidental deletion, or unforeseen events, losing access to important files can disrupt operations and impact productivity. MoboLink Backup Management mitigates these risks by enabling:


1. Remote Backup of Any Files/Folders

Safeguard your valuable business assets. For instance, you can easily back up important photos, screenshots, debug files, and app data to ensure they are never lost.

2. Remote Restoration of Any Files/Folders

Easily recover from accidental deletion, data loss, or corruption by restoring files and folders. For example, you can quickly restore app configurations or system files to get back up and running in no time.

3. Remote Deletion of Files/Folders on Device

Optimize device storage and maintain data hygiene by remotely deleting unwanted or large files and folders, such as those generated by specific apps.


4. Scheduled File/Folder Transfers and Deletions

Gain flexibility and control over your data management by scheduling backups and cleanups in advance. Set specific dates and times for file transfers or deletions, or create recurring schedules for automated, consistent data management.


What Are the Advantages of MoboLink Backup Management?


1. Data Protection

Safeguard valuable business data from loss or corruption through regular backups.

2. Simplified File Management

Easily transfer, restore, and delete files between devices and the server, all remotely.

3. Improved System Stability

Quickly recover from configuration errors or system issues by restoring previous versions of files.

4. Enhanced Troubleshooting

Access debug files remotely for efficient problem diagnosis and resolution.


5. Streamlined file sharing and synchronization

Easily transfer files to one or more devices simultaneously, ensuring consistent data across all platforms and simplifying collaboration and data sharing.




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Other supported device models include EA630Plus, EA520HT330, WD200, and TB85 Plus .