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ScanBridge: Revolutionizing Barcode Scanning Operations


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What Is ScanBridge

ScanBridge represents the latest advancement in companion apps for Unitech barcode scanners. This innovative platform revolutionizes the way businesses handle their scanning operations, significantly enhancing productivity. ScanBridge enables exceptionally seamless integration with business applications, allowing users to automatically configure their scanners with preset settings, enabling swift and efficient scanner connectivity.

One of its standout features is the automatic scanner configuration using preset settings, simplifying the setup process. Additionally, ScanBridge boasts a powerful yet simple-to-use data editing engine, comprehensive profile management, and the ScanCheck data validation tool. These features collectively ensure that data collection is not only rapid but also remarkably accurate every time.

Why choose ScanBridge?

In today's competitive market, enterprises are constantly seeking ways to speed up data collection and enhance accuracy, thereby cultivating a highly productive workforce. ScanBridge emerges as the ideal solution for this need. It guarantees immediate connectivity of scanners to business applications, ensuring the correct settings are in place. This means that when a barcode is scanned, the data is transmitted to your applications swiftly, accurately, and in the desired format. ScanBridge takes care of the complexity and efficacy of the underlying data processing requirements, allowing users to concentrate solely on the scanning task for maximum efficiency. Moreover, ScanBridge goes beyond by offering the capability to generate staging barcodes, facilitating blazing-fast tool-free offline scanner configurations, making it a user-friendly solution for your business needs.

Top Benefits of ScanBridge:


1. Enhanced Productivity

ScanBridge streamlines scanning operations, leading to significant productivity improvements.

2. Ease of Connection

The app facilitates the effortless connection of scanners to business applications, automatically aligning scanner settings with predefined configurations.

3. Per-App Profiles and Advanced Data Editing Engine

Equipped with support for regular expressions and per-app profile support, this engine ensures quick, precise data delivery to business applications in the exact required format.


4. Flexible Data Wedge Output Options

ScanBridge offers various methods to transmit collected data to business applications, including as keystrokes or to a network service.

5. Scan Check for Accuracy

The ScanCheck feature allows for the validation of barcode sets, ensuring the accuracy of printed labels, thus enhancing reliability in data collection.

6. Generate Staging Barcodes

ScanBridge provides the capability to generate staging barcodes, facilitating easy, fast, and tool-free offline scanner configuration for added convenience and efficiency.


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