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Enterprise Keyboard: The Ultimate Solution for Efficient Data Collection


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What is the Enterprise Keyboard? 

Enterprise Keyboard is an Android virtual keyboard designed specifically for businesses that require frequent collection of inventory data using barcode and RFID, as well as text recognition using OCR capabilities. This virtual keyboard is a central hub for all data collections needs, making it convenient and easy for businesses to collect various types of data on a single device.


What are the Key Benefits that Enterprise Keyboard can Offer? 


1. Satisfy all your data collection needs

Enterprise Keyboard is an Enterprise grade Virtual Keyboard with functions to allow you to collect barcode, RFID inventories and printed text using OCR text recognition. It is designed to be a central hub for all your data collection needs.

2. A layout designed for quick and easy typing

Enterprise Virtual Keyboard has dedicated number pad and symbol pad and has a layout that that gives you the ability to type more easily and quickly.

3. Switch between different data sources within a single tap

Collect Barcode and RFID inventory on the same device and be able to quickly switch between different data sources with just a tap of a button.


4. Collect and input printed text

Collect printed text from different surfaces and input them into your business apps. Using our powerful OCR text recognition engine, you will be able to collect the printed text from receipts, labels, identifications and containers, etc.



Common Applications of the Enterprise Keyboard

The Enterprise Keyboard is suitable for businesses that require frequent data collection from various sources, making it ideal for retail, healthcare, and logistics industries. With its advanced capabilities, this virtual keyboard supports improved data accuracy, increased efficiency, and an overall improvement in business operations.


In summary, the Enterprise Keyboard offers a range of functionalities specifically designed for businesses to enhance their data collection processes. Its support for barcode, RFID, and OCR text recognition makes it a comprehensive solution that reduces operational complexity and improves overall data accuracy and efficiency.


Discover more about the Enterprise Keyboard! →  https://www.ute.com/en/products/detail/Enterprise_Keyboard


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