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2022-11-28 Knowledge Center

What is WLAN 6E?


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What is WLAN 6E?

WLAN 6E indicates the extension of the WLAN 6 (802.11ax) standard and is connected through a whole new 6 GHz band. That means wider channels, higher efficiency, and speedy communication.

Why WLAN 6E?
Struggle with the time lag when uploading/downloading data?  Try WLAN 6E! While WLAN today uses 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, WLAN 6E works through a designated third band: 6GHz, which has higher capacity and provides greater efficiency.

Speedy & Seamless
With additional exclusive high-speed 160MHz channels and the 6 GHz band that only 6E- capable devices can use, WLAN 6E is free from the interference of microwaves and other devices using legacy WLAN 4, and 5, making it 6 times faster than WLAN 5 plus reaching three times the original speed of domestic and consuming use.


WLAN 6E devices are compatible with other legacies of wireless technology, including WLAN 6 and Wireless-A, and WLAN 4, 5 with 2.4/5GHz band, therefore freeing you from the worries of having to switch between different wireless connections when using WLAN 6E devices.


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