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2023-10-06 Knowledge Center

Productivity and Customization with KeyRemap


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In today's tech-driven world, adaptability and customization are crucial for boosting productivity and ensuring compliance with evolving policies. Introducing KeyRemap, a versatile tool that redefines the functions of physical device keys, benefiting businesses.

What is KeyRemap? 

KeyRemap is a versatile tool that empowers you to reassign physical key functions on your device. It offers three types of key reassignments: Key, App, and Intent. With KeyRemap, you can reassign a key to act as another key, launch an app upon key press, or trigger intent actions when a key is held or released. It's an easy-to-use app that provides enterprises with the flexibility to customize their compliance policies.


Why is KeyRemap Valuable to Enterprises?

KeyRemap empowers IT admins to customize Unitech device buttons, ensuring compliance and streamlining workflows. Examples include quick app access through button reprogramming and seamless integration with third-party apps via key reassignment. Additionally, KeyRemap can disable buttons to align with enterprise policies.

What are the Benefits of KeyRemap?


1. Customization for Compliance

KeyRemap steps in to empower IT administrators with the ability to reprogram physical buttons on Unitech devices, ensuring strict alignment with an organization's compliance rules. This not only guarantees that devices are used in accordance with company guidelines but also significantly reduces the risk of policy violations.

2. Workflow Optimization

KeyRemap excels at streamlining workflows by allowing the reassignment of keys to launch frequently used apps or execute common actions. This means employees can complete their tasks more efficiently, ultimately saving time and reducing frustration.


3. Seamless Integration

KeyRemap plays a vital role as a bridge between third-party applications, like push-to-talk apps, and your devices. By assigning keys to intent actions, businesses can seamlessly integrate their devices with external tools, enhancing overall functionality and productivity.

4. Button Management

The button management capabilities give IT administrators the control they need to ensure compliance with enterprise policies, whether it's a matter of data security, user restrictions, or other considerations. KeyRemap simplifies the process of button management.


Customize Your Devices with the Unitech supported Solutions!


Mobile Computers -



5G Rugged Mobile Computer


Rugged Smartphone


10.1 Inch Android Rugged Tablet

Other supported device models include EA630Plus, HT730, HT330, and WD200.