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2023-04-18 Knowledge Center

Your essential diagnostic tool: Logger!


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What is Logger? 

Logger is a tool that helps streamline the diagnostic process, collecting important logs for device diagnosis. When a user encounters a system or app issue, they can get the logs easily and send the logs to the Unitech support team quickly.


Why do you need Logger? 

With the Android ecosystem constantly expanding and diversifying, diagnosing and resolving operating issues can become more challenging. Logger comes to the rescue by providing a comprehensive view of what's happening on your system, making the diagnostic process faster and easier.   

What are the benefits of Logger ?

With Logger, you can diagnose and resolve issues on your Android devices with confidence.


1. Logcat logs

Logger is designed to collect logs from the Android device at different levels, providing a well-rounded view of what is happening on the system. These logs include Logcat logs, which gather system messages, stack traces, errors, and log messages from the Android OS, apps, and enterprise apps. These traces can help pinpoint what went wrong and where.


2. System Info

It helps to track various system statistics such as CPU, RAM, Storage, and Network, among others. This can be useful to analyze the problems and their relations to time and system states (for example: is low memory the reason for the app to crush).


3. Log Auto Upload

Logger offers Log Auto Upload, which allows the collected logs to be automatically uploaded to the Unitech server. This feature helps the Unitech support team to retrieve the logs for analysis easily.


Streamline the diagnostic process with the following Unitech device models!


Mobile Computers -



5G Rugged Mobile Computer


Rugged Smartphone


4-inch Rugged Handheld Terminal

Other supported device models include EA630Plus, HT730, TB85Plus, and WD200.