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2023-05-26 Knowledge Center

Enhancing your wireless network experience with MU-MIMO!


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What is MU-MIMO? 

MU-MIMO (Multi-User Multiple Input Multiple Output) is a technology that allows wireless networks to transmit data to multiple clients simultaneously, rather than just one. It increases the network throughput and spectrum utilization of wireless network, becoming an important development in the field of wireless communication.

Why choose MU-MIMO?


1. Increase network throughput and spectrum utilization

With MU-MIMO, wireless networks can improve their throughput by two to three times compared to traditional wireless networks. It enables more antennas on an AP (Access Point) to be utilized, providing more spatial resources and delivering higher throughput.


2. Meet requirements of bandwidth-hungry applications

In our fast-paced digital world, bandwidth-intensive applications like video services require seamless and uninterrupted data transmission. MU-MIMO comes to the rescue by allowing multiple devices to transmit data concurrently. This boosts data transmission efficiency, reduces waiting time in the time sequence, and ensures that bandwidth-hungry applications receive the resources they need for smooth operation.


3. Benefit legacy WLAN terminals

The overall efficiency improvement brought by MU-MIMO opens up more idle time and network capacity to serve these devices. This means better application experiences for older devices, ensuring they can still connect and function optimally in your network environment.


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