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2023-07-28 Knowledge Center

A Powerful Android application for EMM solutions: OEMConfig!


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With the increasing reliance on mobile devices in the corporate world, managing a diverse fleet of devices has become a major challenge for IT admins. Fortunately, with the introduction of OEMConfig, IT admins now have a powerful and standardized solution at their disposal.


What is OEMConfig? 

OEMConfig is a powerful framework that simply configure your Unitech device group settings through various Android Enterprise compatible EMM software solutions like SOTI, MoboLink, and more, and swiftly apply the same settings to the entire device group, boosting efficiency!

Why is OEMConfig Essential?

It addresses a critical need in the realm of device management. No more dealing with the headache of configuring devices one by one for IT admins, just apply settings to the entire device group in one swift move then streamline the device management workflow!

What are the Benefits of OEMConfig?


1. Ability to Configure Unitech-Specific Settings

Customize your Unitech devices to meet your organization's unique requirements effortlessly. OEMConfig empowers you to configure a range of settings, including firmware updates, KeyRemap settings, Unitech app configurations, and more. This flexibility ensures that your devices are tailored precisely to your business needs.

2. Example Configurations Made Easy

OEMConfig empowers you to configure a multitude of settings tailored to your organization's needs. From crucial firmware updates to fine-tuning KeyRemap settings and optimizing Unitech app configurations, you have the flexibility to customize your devices precisely as required.


3. Simplified and Standardized Configuration Management

Simplify your device management workflow with OEMConfig's user-friendly interface. No more navigating through complex processes or dealing with multiple interfaces. OEMConfig brings a standardized approach to device configuration, streamlining your management tasks and saving you valuable time and resources.

4. Works with Android Enterprise Compliant EMM Solutions

OEMConfig delivers seamless integration. It works with the majority of Android Enterprise compliant EMM solutions available in the market. Enjoy a cohesive and efficient device management experience, ensuring that you can leverage your preferred EMM platform without any hassl.


Streamline Device Management for IT Admins with the Unitech supported Solutions!


Mobile Computers -



5G Rugged Mobile Computer


Rugged Smartphone


4-inch Rugged Handheld Terminal

Other supported device models include EA630Plus, HT730, TB85Plus, and WD200.