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A Powerful Tool for Data Manipulation: Regular Expression!


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What is Regular Expression?

Regular Expression is a tool used to identify and manipulate text patterns, enabling users to find specific data or validate whether a string conforms to a particular pattern. It offers flexibility by allowing users to search, filter, and format data based on specific criteria.

The Key Benefits of Regular Expression include:


1. Meet requirements flexibly

Regular Expression provides flexibility by allowing users to combine characters in various formats to meet their specific requirements. This flexibility enables users to define complex patterns and efficiently search for desired data.


2. Filter data efficiently
Regular Expression enables users to filter through vast amounts of data effectively. By defining specific patterns, users can keep only the matching strings and discarding the unmatching ones.  


3. Facilitate data formatting

Regular Expression allows users to find matching strings within their data and replace them with different strings. This feature is useful for data formatting tasks such as standardizing text patterns, modifying date formats, or performing data cleanup operations. Users can easily identify specific patterns and replace them with desired values, resulting in consistent and properly formatted data.

Following are two scenario examples with explanations:

      1. Keeping only data starting with E200.

 • Regular Expression not set: 
The data displayed includes all entries, regardless of whether they start with E200.




• Regular Expression set: 
Only the data that starts with E200 is displayed, filtering out any other entries.



     2. Replacing the rest of the data in entries starting with E200 with ":Unitech"

 • Regular Expression not set: 

• Regular Expression set: 
The displayed data shows entries that start with E200, followed by the addition of ":Unitech" replacing the remaining part of the entry.





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