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2023-03-29 Knowledge Center

What is Simultaneous Dual Band?


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What is Simultaneous Dual Band?

Simultaneous dual-band is a feature of routers that enables them to support two separate WLAN networks at the same time, one using the 2.4 GHz frequency band and the other using the 5 GHz frequency band.   

Why Choose Simultaneous Dual Band?
The dongle is easy to set up and use, simply plug it into your computer or mobile device, and the scanner will automatically connect to it, then you can start scanning!


1. Faster and More Stable Connection

Simultaneous dual band can help enterprises improve the performance and stability of wireless network. It can support both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands at the same time, which can provide more bandwidth and less interference, allowing users to enjoy faster network speeds at the same time..


2. Improved Working Efficiency and Productivity

For daily tasks that require high-speed wireless networks, such as video conferencing, data transferring and remote work, simultaneous dual band can provide stronger and more stable wireless network signals to help enterprises improve work efficiency and productivity.


3. More Connections and Wider Coverage

Simultaneous dual band can also provide more connections and wider coverage, allowing enterprises to support more users and expand the coverage of wireless networks, so that users can move freely in a larger space, which improve business convenience and customer experience.



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