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2023-09-01 Knowledge Center

Ultimate Staging Solution for Unitech Devices: StageGO!


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What is StageGO? 

StageGO is a barcode-based device staging solution from Unitech. It assists IT admins in setting up hundreds of newly unboxed Unitech products through just a few barcode scans, eliminating the need for laborious configuration settings at each terminal step. This revolutionizes the conventional device setup process.


Why is StageGO Valuable to Enterprises?

Enterprises are confronted with the challenge of deploying a substantial number of devices simultaneously, all while avoiding excessive costs and the necessity for specialized technical expertise. Through the utilization of StageGo, enterprises gain the capability to effortlessly deploy their Unitech devices into the field, eliminating any complications. This streamlined process renders it the perfect solution for deploying devices sans the requirement for an extensive IT team.

What are the Key Benefits that StageGO can Offer?


1. Simplified Device Staging for Everyone

StageGO simplifies device setup by converting intricate configuration commands into scannable QR codes. Simply scan these codes within the app, and it takes care of the rest—empowering IT staff requiring technical expertise, while enabling other users with only a basic understanding of barcode scanning. This significantly enhances enterprise deployment efficiency.

2. Data Compression for Optimal Efficiency

StageGO employs advanced data compression techniques to optimize script commands. This optimization minimizes the number of barcodes necessary to represent the complete script, reducing scanning time and further streamlining the deployment process.


3. Data Security and Privacy

Recognizing the importance of data security and privacy, StageGO ensures the protection of sensitive script data. The StageGO Script Editor employs SSL encryption, safeguarding confidential information during the staging process.

4. Enterprise Ready Features

StageGO can be configured with specific options to align with business requirements and corporate policies. This flexibility ensures its seamless integration into existing workflows, enhancing efficiency and compliance.


Streamline Device Staging with the Unitech supported Solutions!


Mobile Computers -



5G Rugged Mobile Computer


Rugged Smartphone


4-inch Rugged Handheld Terminal

Other supported device models include EA630Plus, HT730, TB85Plus, and WD200.