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2023-03-23 Product News

What is Unitech’s P Wireless Technology ?


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What is Unitech's P Technology?

Uniteh's P technology integrated 2.4GHz technology into the USB receiver, which support quick pairing between scanner and the dongle. Moreover, having the following advantages over Bluetooth scanner, including plug-and-play function, seamless and stable connectivity, improved battery life and up to 100m wireless transmission range in the line of open sight.   

How to pair the Wireless 2.4G Dongle?
The dongle is easy to set up and use, simply plug it into your computer or mobile device, and the scanner will automatically connect to it, then you can start scanning!

2.4G Wireless Barcode Scanner with Dongle - What are the Benefits?


Mobility and Flexibility

By using a dongle, the user can transmit data wirelessly without the need of physical connection to a computer or mobile device, allowing user to scan barcodes from a greater distance, therefore increasing flexibility.


Improved Reliability

The 2.4G wireless connection is more stable and reliable compared to Bluetooth, reducing the risk of data loss and disconnections.


Increased Battery Life

By using a dongle, the scanner can communicate with a device without relying on its own battery, increasing the battery life of the scanner.



Improve convenience, reliability and compatibility with 2.4G wireless barcode scanner along its dongle now! Find out the ideal tool for your business!