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2024-07-02 Company News

Unitech Returns to COMPUTEX with AI Solutions Empowering Industry Upgrades


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Taipei, July 2, 2024 - Unitech, a leading provider of Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) industries with over 40 years of experience, made a strong comeback at COMPUTEX 2024, unveiling a series of AI-powered solutions targeting retail, warehousing, and manufacturing sectors to accelerate digital transformation for businesses.


New Products with AI Technology Garner Significant Attention

Among the highlights at the exhibition was the PA768 AI Touch Computer, equipped with AI image recognition and counting capabilities. This innovative device can be applied in scenarios such as fish fry counting in aquaculture and medicine counting, significantly improving accuracy and reducing labor costs. Additionally, Unitech introduced the EA660 Rugged Smartphone, supporting 5G and Wi-Fi 6E technologies for faster and more stable data transmission. This device is ideal for inventory management, product inquiries, and sales systems in retail and logistics industries, effectively enhancing work efficiency and customer satisfaction.


New Rugged Tablet RT112 Redefines Portability

Unitech addressed the demand for enterprise tablets with the launch of the new RT112 Rugged Tablet. This lightweight and portable device, smaller than an A4 sheet and as thin as a pen, challenges the traditional perception of bulky industrial tablets. The RT112 is durable enough to withstand drops of up to 1.5M, boasts IP67 dust and water resistance, and supports a glove mode for seamless operation even with gloves up to 4mm thick. Furthermore, the tablet incorporates ARCore technology, enabling remote maintenance guidance for pipelines without the need for on-site personnel.


First iOS Product Line: SL220 Boosts Operation Efficiency for Enterprise

In 2024, Unitech ventured into the iOS product line with the introduction of the SL220 Sled Scanner. This Apple MFi-certified device seamlessly integrates with iPhones and iPads, transforming them into powerful industrial-grade barcode scanners. The scanner also features the newly developed ScanBridge software, allowing users to digitize barcode settings and complete multiple configurations by simply scanning QR codes, significantly enhancing operational efficiency and convenience for businesses.


Cross-Industry Solutions and Comprehensive Technical Support

Unitech showcased its technical prowess by presenting innovative solutions tailored to various industries. In the retail sector, Unitech demonstrated how RFID solutions can be applied to apparel inventory, receiving, sales, and product inquiries, streamlining processes and enhancing customer experiences. For warehousing and logistics, Unitech showcased the integration of the Cubetape smart measuring tool with the WD200 device, enabling automatic data transmission for more efficient inventory management. The MS633 Bluetooth 2D Ring Scanner, with its compact and convenient design, caters to the demands of high-efficiency work environments. In the realm of smart manufacturing, Unitech's MS852 DPM ESD Scanner, engineered with a housing and cable composed of specialized ESD-safe materials that meet ESD protection standards, is capable of reading DPM barcodes directly on components or equipment without generating electrostatic discharge, thus mitigating the risk of production losses or quality issues.


Full Range of Software Solutions Optimize Business Operations

Unitech's comprehensive software solutions also garnered attention at COMPUTEX. The company's device lifecycle management tools encompass integration, deployment, management, and data collection. Additionally, Unitech offers a range of software integration applications tailored for different roles, including developers, IT administrators, business managers, and field personnel. These applications facilitate easier device management and comprehensive deployment of required functionalities, ultimately enhancing operational efficiency for businesses.


For more information, please visit the Unitech website: https://www.ute.com/en