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What is Unitech RFID SDK?


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What is Unitech RFID SDK? 

Unitech RFID SDK is a comprehensive software development kit designed to streamline the process of writing codes to control Unitech RFID devices. It is compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows platforms, and provides developers with a versatile set of tools to help them create customized apps quickly and easily.

The Key Benefits of Unitech RFID SDK include:


1. API support for multiple programming languages

The SDK offers APIs for various programming languages, such as Java for Android, Swift and Object-C for iOS, and C# for Windows. This feature enables developers to write codes effortlessly in their preferred language.


2. Sample Apps and source code

Another significant advantage of Unitech RFID SDK is that it provides sample apps and source code that can help developers understand how the functions can be integrated with their customized app. This feature can save developers time and resources by providing easy-to-understand examples.


3. Total Control over Unitech RFID Reader

Unitech RFID SDK gives developers complete control over the Unitech RFID reader. Developers can use the SDK to read the reader information, connect and disconnect readers, and operate RFID commands such as inventory, read and write, lock, and kill tags.


Unleash the full potential of your RFID applications and optimize your development process with Unitech RFID SDK! 



 Available on Android, iOS, and Windows 








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