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What is TagAccess?


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What is TagAccess?
TagAccess is a companion application to Unitech RFID Readers. It is able to configure RFID readers, give access to RFID tags with inventory, read, write, lock, kill, find functions, and in addition, do the data wedge, data editing functions for outputting the scanned data into work apps.

Why TagAccess?
TagAccess is a user-friendly and powerful RFID utility. It not only gives users easy access to the RFID tags inventory and data banks but also offers the data wedge and the data editing functions that immensely reduce the complexity of collecting the EPC data, while offering a powerful regular expression based engine giving users incredible flexibility in manipulating the scanned data before outputting them to the work apps. Furthermore, TagAccess also allows users to change the settings of the RFID reader with ease, and setup different RFID profiles each optimized for use at a variety of different locations or use scenarios.


Unitech Offerings
Our RP902 (Android & iOS) UHF RFID Pocket Reader and HT730UHF (Android) mobile computer supports TagAccess service. 



Visit the following website for more information about TagAccess

→  http://www.ute.com/en/products/detail/TagAccess



Upgrade productivity and work efficiency with Unitech mobile computer series!

The folllowing are Unitech products that support TagAccess.


Bluetooth UHF RFID Pocket Reader

RP902 MFi

Bluetooth UHF RFID Pocket Reader


RFID Rugged Handheld Terminal

www.ute.com/en/products/detail/RP902 www.ute.com/en/products/detail/RP902MFi www.ute.com/en/products/detail/HT730UHF