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2023-04-13 Knowledge Center

What is Unitech’s "UHF RFID Tag Finder" function?


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What is Unitech's "UHF RFID Tag Finder" function?

Unitech's UHF RFID reader is equipped with the " UHF RFID Tag Finder " function, an innovative solution that helps users locate items with ease. Rather than spending precious time searching for items, the reader uses the RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indication) value of the tag and quickly provides the location of the item. This advanced technology not only improves work efficiency but also helps to reduce costs by reducing labor hours spent on manual searches.   

Why is Unitech's "UHF RFID Tag Finder" function essential to business?

Businesses need to know what items they have in stock, their location, and their status to make informed decisions and improve their operations. This is where the "UHF RFID Tag Finder" function comes in.


1. Improved Inventory Accuracy

It allows an enterprise to locate an RFID tag with high accuracy, thereby improving the accuracy of inventory tracking. With better visibility into inventory levels, businesses can avoid stock-outs, overstocking, and lost inventory, leading to reduced costs and higher productivity.


2. Reducing Manual Searches

It helps to save valuable time in locating misplaced or lost inventory. Searching for lost inventory can be a time-consuming process, but with the " UHF RFID Tag Finder" function, businesses can locate specific items within seconds, freeing up employee time for other important tasks.


3. Enhanced Security

This function can also be used to enhance security in an enterprise. By tagging high-value assets or sensitive items with RFID tags and using the " UHF RFID Tag Finder" function, businesses can locate missing or stolen items quickly, reducing the risk of theft and protecting their assets.


In conclusion, RFID solutions can help manufacturers to streamline inventory management processes by providing real-time visibility, reducing errors, enhancing security, and offering a cost-effective solution. By implementing RFID technology, manufacturers can improve operational efficiency and reduce costs, ultimately leading to improved business performance.


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