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2023-06-14 Events

Discover 2023 Unitech Product Launch Exciting Show Areas


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Thank you to all of our guests who attended Unitech Annual Product Launch! We were thrilled to have such a fantastic turnout and to be able to showcase our latest solutions to you. Unitech also hosts various themed seminars, offering in-depth knowledge and introductions to each product line, including Mobile Computers, Barcode Scanners, RFID Solutions, and Software Solutions. The event welcomes guests from different countries to participate in this grand occasion. Let's discover innovative new products in 2023!




Mobile Computers

Unitech's Rugged Mobile Computers stand out for their ergonomic design, versatility, and durability, making them ideal for use in enterprise, industrial, and harsh environments. Our devices, which run on both Windows and Android platforms, offer a wide range of connectivity options, development software, and robust database integration. With Mobile Computers, they aim to boost the operation experience for various professions in field service, retail, warehousing and logistics applications. Our new products include:
● Touch Computer & Rugged Smartphones | PA768, EA660, EA630 Plus, and EA520
● Handheld Terminals & Wearable Computers | HT330, HT730, and WD200
● Tablets | RT112TB170, and TB85 Plus


Barcode Scanners

The Barcode Scanners are ergonomically designed to increase productivity and reducing fatigue. These scanners feature easy configuration, auto-discrimination, multiple interface options, and data editing capabilities. Unitech continues to meet customer needs by introducing new wireless and image scanning technologies. Our new products include:
● ESD Safe Scanners | MS852 DPM ESD and MS633 LR
● Wireless Scanners | MS852B LRMS852P, and MS822B
● Wearable Scanners | MS652 Plus



RFID Solutions

The RFID Solutions offer UHF and HF handheld readers, a UHF fixed reader, RFID client middleware, and antennas. Unitech's RFID UHF solutions are well-suited for applications such as smart shelf or inventory gate-reading, providing reliable performance in challenging environments like warehouses, logistics centers, global supply chains, field service, and healthcare. Our new products include: 
● Mobile Readers | SL220, RG768, and HT730 UHF
● Pocket Readers | RP902 MFi
● Fixed Readers | RS804
● Tags | E-Paper Tags



Software Solutions

The Software Solutions provide an enhanced software experience that begins with the unboxing of your devices. Throughout the different stages of a device's lifetime, Unitech's applications can help you elevate your mobile agility and productivity to the next level. Our new products include:
● Mobile Applications | Showcase, StageGOELauncher, Enterprise Keyboard, and KeyRemap
● Scanner Applications | USU
● RFID Applications | TagAccess
● MoboLink | MoboLink



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